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Helping Your Child to Read

10 reasons why you should read with your child

1. Creates a bond – spending time reading to your children will bring you all closer together.

2. Expanded vocabulary – the more children read, the more words they learn.

3. Improved attention span – reading makes children concentrate for longer than other entertainment.

4. Increased self-esteem – stories with happy endings make children feel better.

5. Increased chance of academic success – every child is taught the same way at school. It’s what they learn at home that can really help them excel.

6. Teaches social values – children can learn from the way characters in stories treat each other.

7. Helps build empathy – hero-based storybooks help children imagine what it must be like to be someone else.

8. Encourages curiosity – every time they turn the page there’s something new to see.

9. Encourages independence – once children learn to read, they can start reading books all by themselves.

10. They will become a reader for life – they may forget how to ride a bike, but they’ll never forget how to read.

Some of the mothers and grandmothers who took part in the Childcare with Literacy course at STORM put together there own leaflet on reading with your child.

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